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Leisou Maria Amalia
Accounting Office - Tax Office - Tax Professional - Accountant - Start-ups - End-of-Business - Corfu


Our accounting office, with its many years of experience and full knowledge of accounting and tax legislation, offers comprehensive accounting services in all categories of books, either at your company headquarters or at our office.
Our experienced and specialized staff, combined with modern technical equipment, undertakes the observance and full accounting monitoring of your company's activities as well as the sending of all electronic declarations via TAXISNET, while at the same time we undertake all your transactions with the DOU .

The now labyrinthine tax system should not create a problem for you because our many years of experience and knowledge are a guarantee for your proper service and the smooth operation of your business.
With immediacy and flexibility, we respond to every small or large need, with consistency, speed and reliability - you will find our office in Spyrou Peroulaki in Corfu.